Anahata silver plated with rock crystal hexagon - heart chakra bracelet for love & harmony

Product information "Anahata silver plated with rock crystal hexagon - heart chakra bracelet for love & harmony"

A unique accessory to strengthen your heart chakra and bring goodness and healing into your life.

The heart chakra symbol is made of stainless steel, high quality silver plated with ion plating. The bracelet itself is made of Indian saris, which give it a unique and exotic beauty.

Wear this bracelet and let the positive energy of this piece of jewellery harmonise your chakras and support you on the path to a balanced and fulfilled life.

Want to know more?

Each chakra represents different levels of self-development and personal growth.

Chakras: Sanskrit for "wheel" or "circle of light". 
They are the vital energy centres in our body that bridge the physical body and spirit. By using specific colours and gemstones, we can positively affect these energy fields. This unique bracelet gives you a powerful energy boost to activate your heart chakra and bring your chakras into harmony.

Rock Crystal Hexagon
It has a hexagonal molecular structure, similar to us humans. This shape is the basis of many symbolic representations, such as the Flower of Life, which has been associated with healing and expanding consciousness for thousands of years. Since rock crystal is made of silicon, which makes up about 65% of the earth's mass, by wearing the stone we can connect with and benefit from the earth's energy fields. Rock crystal amplifies energies and raises vibrations, leading to a more conscious awareness between our reality and our higher consciousness.

Heart Chakra
Sanskrit: ANAHATA for Ana = breath - anahata = undamaged, untouched, whole. 
The heart chakra is associated with the element of air and lies exactly in the middle of the 7 chakras, connecting the lower with the upper chakras. 

Themes: Love, harmony, peace, devotion, compassion, warmth of heart, reconciliation, kindness, healing.
Affirmation: I am guided by love and compassion. 
Harmonisation: Judge less, accept more.

This energy accessory enables you to support and embody the profound meaning and transformative power of this chakra within you. 

Basic material: Indian saris
Colors: Green, Silver
Gemstones: Rock Crystal
Metals: High-quality silver-plated or gold-plated stainless steel with tarnish protection, Nickel-free, Cadmium-free, Lead-free
Size: Length approx. 50 cm, width approx. 2.3 cm. Double wrapped.
Subcollection: Chakra Bliss Collection with Rock Crystal Hexagon
Symbolism: Heart Chakra
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