About us

Anisch de la Cara – Pieces for Peace

"Using powerful, ancient symbols, precious healing stones and traditional materials, we create modern, individual pieces of jewellery that inspire and invite happiness." Anisch de la Cara

Anisch de la Cara has been developing jewellery and accessories for women and men based on ancient cultures and traditions since 2011. In the beginning, Anja Kaldek, the designer of Anisch de la Cara, followed a completely new jewellery idea: handmade unique pieces, special jewellery made from traditional materials, unique in its own way.

The idea turned into a success: Anisch de la Cara now sells jewellery and accessories throughout Europe. The unique and unusual style continues to evolve with each collection: the jewellery is made from Indian saris, Tibetan prayer flags or recycled glass beads from Africa. Silver amulets from the Tuaregs, gold pendants from Greece and splendid treasures such as silk tassels and Swarovski crystals are combined. And in addition to the collections for women, there is now a very casual, equally inspiring line for men, "Anisch Hombre".

The move from Germany to Spain in 2013 was a significant step. Since then, all pieces of jewellery have been created by a dedicated team in the manufactory under the Spanish sun.

However, it is not only what you do that counts, but also the attitude with which you do it. As demand increases, the manufactory remains true to its claim: all parts of a piece of jewellery are combined with an awareness of their meaning and effect, even the colours are used according to their meaning. This unites the sensual with the meaningful, a combination that develops its own magic. The pieces of jewellery are also accompanied by a "wish instruction", which, based on ancient traditions, has been redeveloped for modern, western people.

Anisch de la Cara - this is also the dream of peaceful coexistence on this earth. This is why the company has supported selected aid projects around the world from the very beginning. "Pieces for Peace" is the company motto and is brought to life every day at the Anisch de la Cara manufactory.