Blue Dancing Dragonfly - Artist bracelet made from aboriginal fabrics

Product information "Blue Dancing Dragonfly - Artist bracelet made from aboriginal fabrics"

50,000 year old art tradition on the wrist

Silky soft cotton fabrics are printed here in brilliant colors with traditional artwork of Australia's indigenous people.
Artists from Australia's indigenous tribes commemorate their cultural heritage by telling their prehistoric story through colors, symbols and designs in images. By printing these vibrant images on cotton fabrics, the artists are given an enchanting way to preserve their stories. Colorful and decorative dot point painting, 'Aboriginal Art' is the oldest art tradition in the world that still exists today.
Above all, it is one thing: mysterious! The depictions tell of the largely submerged world of the indigenous people of Australia. Each pattern has its own story. Most are about the origin of mankind, the change of time and the bond that exists between everything.

Basic material: Aborigine Dot-Point Art Cotton Fabrics
Colors: Blue
Product type: Fabric bracelet
Symbolism: Dragonfly, Libelle (Dragonfly)
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