Copper OM K-nigskette - Indian Symbols men's necklace, 45 cm long

Product information "Copper OM K-nigskette - Indian Symbols men's necklace, 45 cm long"

The chain links in this chain are cleverly connected to each other. Legend has it that this chain form has been given the name "king chain", because only kings were allowed to wear these chains. This refined chain has something really uplifting and is an extraordinary piece of jewellery in itself. With the OM symbol in an antique look, you are consciously making a statement: the OM symbol is pure, positive energy.

Basic material: Brass
Colors: Bronze
Metals: High-quality silver-plated or gold-plated brass, Nickel-free, Cadmium-free, Lead-free
Product type: Necklace
Symbolism: OM
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